[Beta feature] Global Message Parameter Update

This feature is completed on our end but not published yet (will do a beta update on 21st July).

We’re exploring adding more “utility” functions such as this into the editor. Feedback and suggestions on improving this are welcomed and appreciated!


The Global Message Parameter Update (GMPU) allows you to update all similar Preset messages globally to different parameters. The option is available in each message in the Preset settings.

For example, if you have a message like below programmed into different Presets in the controller, and you would like to change all similar messages to a different channel, you can use the GMPU to do this.

More info here


Great but

  1. could we see in some logs tab a list of chenged presets (bank, preset, MSG pos in preset)
  2. … undo it (General request for an undo on the last command)

I think it recognizes identical messages in all banks and automatically change all those identical messages. Is that correct James?

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I may have been tired last night and misunderstood what this is…

Let’s say I have Preset Q in every bank set up to toggle between two groups of CC messages. Can I use this to keep all the Preset Q’s Toggle Positions linked up, so that if Preset Q Bank 1 is Pos2, so will be Preset Q in all other banks?

Or is this more of a one time thing you do only in the Editor to program multiple presets at once?

Ok I’ll add an undo function. It’ll be limited to preset data saved in the editor for now (when you click on Save Preset in the editor, you can still load back the previous preset settings). But if you run a function like the GMPU, that update function runs in the controller so it is not possible to undo that.

For the logs, thanks for the suggestion - we can explore in the future.

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Yes that’s right. It’s an update function to update all similar messages in the controller to something else. We’re exploring more of these utility functions in the editor to make editing faster/easier.

We’re trying to implement the global presets now but the complexity is more than I expected - We’re about 50% there but not sure if it will make this release.

Sounds like an idea - what if we have 8 or 16 global toggle states, and you can let the preset choose whether to follow those global toggle states or use its own?


Very nice, thanks. For the GMPU and long operations involving several controller call, can’t you store in a temporary stack in editor the previous values which could give a one level undo ?

Currently, when the controller is connected to the editor, it does not load the entire controller data into the editor. The GMPU function runs on the controller itself so no data is loaded to the editor when it updates other presets. Maybe next time

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That might work! So you would just have an extra message to “update” the global toggle?

I think if the preset is linked to a global toggle, then basically the global toggle will override the preset toggle. So when the preset toggles, whether based on having the preset toggle setting turned on, or using the Toggle Preset message, it will update the global preset toggle, so any other presets that is linked to that will use that toggle state.

Probably for a different thread if we do implement this


Is there a way to Update a single preset (e.g., G) on all Banks (no matter the current settings/value per bank)? Today i have to copy/paste the preset to every bank, right?

This would be a workaround in lieu of a Global Preset that overrides (or is the default for) all Banks.

There is an option to copy the preset, and then triple click on the paste button to paste it to all banks.

Just FYI:
Single click on the Press just pastes the settings in the editor.
Double click pastes the copied settings into the controller
Triple click pastes the preset to all banks in the controller

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That’s pretty cool and far too subtle!

I assume it’s trivial to add a button/text to make the useful feature more discoverable?

yeah, maybe we’ll just a dropdown box instead for users to select the 3 options

Trying to see if I can use this to update all my ML5 messages to run in reverse:

Loop E <> Loop A
Loop D <> Loop B
I guess Loop C stays the same?

First, is this possible with the GMPU? Second, I’m feeling dense and having trouble following the instructions in the manual. Is there a step by step somewhere?


Just did this today for the first time…

  1. Full backup!
  2. Amend an instance of the preset you want to update everywhere and don’t save.
  3. Click Global Update on the preset you’ve just altered.
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You like living dangerously :wink:

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Is it by preset, or message?

Wow! It’s scary, but it works!!!

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It’s a great feature. I rearranged my banks, therefore needed to update all Double Tap messages that jumped to bank 19 to bank 21 instead. One click, job done!

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