[Beta Feature] CC Sequencer

We’ve added 2 Sequencer engines in the v3.8 beta firmware. What Sequencers allow you to do is to step through specified CC values (up to 16). These values can be specified in the Controller Settings.

On the Preset Messages, you can program a CC Sequencer Generator into your preset. The available parameters are similar to the Waveform Generator. You can specify

  • Whether to run it once or perpetually
  • Cycle per minute
  • CC Number
  • MIDI Channel
  • Cycle multiplier (How many cycles in one interval)

When the engine is started, it will step through the values at a speed that is approximately around the listed Cycles Per Minute.

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Hi James,

Would it be possible to have the sequencer step through PC messages? I ask as the implementation on digitech whammy is a bit funky but I was hoping to use the controller and the whammy as a kind of step sequencer

Yes, that’s possible. But can probably only add it in v3.10 as a new message type.

I can hardcode the sequencer for it to send PC message in a custom firmware as a quick fix, if you need to use it now (and not send CC messages). Just drop us an email regarding this.

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I can definitely wait till the new firmware update, it just seemed like a fun idea. Thanks for replaying so quickly

I know that cycles per minute is functionally the same as BPM. Would be awesome if like the waveform generator you could select timing of commands sent based on rhythmic values (quarter, eighth note, etc.) you said the timing is approximate; is it reliable enough that it could keep an eighth note pulse in time?

Hi James,

Was this likely to come up in a future firmware update?



Yes, though not prioritised yet because it’s really only useful for the Whammy. Drop us an email? I can share a custom firmware (change the CC sequencer to PC sequencer) with you and let me know how that works with the Whammy?

Cheers James, I’ll shoot one through this arvo

I bought this to send midi, but it will not listen to incomming midi tempo changes unless I hit the button every time it changes, please help