[Beta feature] Bank Arrangement

Starting this thread for any discussion related to this feature.

In your controller, there is a default sequence, which allows you to scroll through Bank 1 to Bank 30. We added an override to this sequence, so you can run your controller using a “custom bank sequence”. You can add any banks to this sequence, even repeated banks. The drag and drop interface on the editor allows you to quickly copy and delete banks in this custom sequence.

If the “Follow Custom Bank Sequence” is turned on, and if you have 9 banks in your custom sequence, banking up from Bank 9 will loop you back to Bank 1. Your Bank Jump messages might have to be updated, as it will jump to the banks in the custom sequence. When editing on the editor, this custom sequence will also be followed. You will need to turn it off if you want to edit your Banks 1 to 30.

This feature can easily be turned off in the editor or device and it’ll default back to Bank 1 to 30. Hopefully the video makes this idea clearer.

We’ve got this feature working on the MC8. Will port the feature over to the MC6MKII and MC3 first before releasing the beta update.

This feature has been added to the beta web editor and beta firmware v3.8 dated 2020-11-28


Documentation for this feature will be maintained here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/289308688/Custom+Bank+Sequence

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