Beta editor not refreshing?

I’m having some issues with the beta editor. It’s not refreshing the screen when I jump between presets etc… like, total UI refresh failure. Have tried clearing all trace of morningstar cookies and cached data from Chrome, made no difference. The same controller connected to the non beta editor works fine. Also, the beta editor won’t upload my user lib file (says “Invalid file”) whereas prod editor does.

MC6MkII 2022-05-22_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_10_2
Morningstar_MC6_MKII_All_Banks_Backup_20230130_222903.json (574.3 KB)
Morningstar_Editor_User_Library.json (4.1 KB)
MorningstarEngineering_Editor_Profile.json (437 Bytes)

Same thing happened to me as well.

As a workaround if you click in an edit box (short name for example), and then click another field, the values will display.

Was spending the last few days trying to optimise the editor and broke some stuff. The refresh part should be fixed now, do let me know if otherwise.

I’m looking into the issue on the user library error now and will update in a bit

Just fixed the user library error - pushing the changes now. Thanks for reporting this

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