[Beta] Editor Chrome App

In the current beta editor v1.1.6, we’ve added the ability to install the web app as a Chrome App, which allows you to use it offline. This will work the same as the Desktop editor, but the benefit over that is that if there is an update done to the Web App, we do not need to recompile the Desktop Editor, and you do not need to re-download the updated Desktop Editor. The Chrome App will just prompt you to reload the app when you are online, if there is new version released.

To install it, just click on the Install icon in the URL bar.


The app will be installed and you can now find the app in your Chrome Apps folder.

If an update is released, you’ll get a prompt to update the Chrome App.


Great idea! I just updated Chrome, but not seeing the Install icon. Is there something we may need to tweak in settings?

There was an error with ytd’s update which caused this. I have just updated it again and the icon should be back there.

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Seems to be working smoothly.

Nice feature thanks.


Brilliant!! Thank you for your continued efforts :star_struck:


Yeah, great work @james and Morningstar! I love a good chrome app