Beta Editor not loading Editor file?

Windows 10, Chrome 120.0.6099.130
Morningstar MIDI Editor in the browser
MC6MkII running latest public 2023-12-18_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_12_1_231218354.hex

Not sure the editor is correctly loading
MorningstarEngineering_Editor_Profile.json (890 Bytes)

Did an F12 > Empty cache and hard reload.
Then loaded from the above file, then Saved.
No longer seeing scroll counter descriptions, Bank 1 Preset Expr 2 text or expected MIDI channel colours in the editors.
“Enable Preset Message and Scroll Counter Descriptions” is of course enabled.

Was seeing them previously on this URL and this f/w.

We just pushed some updates to fix this - can you try and let me know how it works for you?