[Beta 3.9] Potential Bug in Engage Preset [Fixed]

Just loaded the new 2021/07/22 Beta 3.9 firmware with the Staging Editor, and I’m noticing I can neither select the Preset dropdown in any Engage Preset messages, nor can I see which Preset is selected. Here is a picture of one example, but they’re all like this as far as I can tell:

Thanks for the help!

Thanks for bringing this up. I have fixed the issue - and it should be available in staging now.

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Hey, @james, it seems I’ve found another Engage Preset related bug in 3.9 Beta:

It seems you can no longer trigger a Set Toggle from an Engage Preset message in a different preset. These settings are working in 3.8.6 on the desktop editor, but not with beta in the staging editor:

Thanks for the help, as always!

Thanks! I have logged this bug and will look into it soon. We’re working on refactoring the codebase right now and hopefully will be done by end of next week.


Damn, that sounds kinda dangerous… Don’t fall in! :wink:

Thought it might be useful to document some behavior here for when y’all get to this particular issue.

Here’s an example of some strange behavior when using an Engage Preset message in Preset U to Unshift a Preset F. Instead of Unshifting Preset F, it actually Dis-Engages Preset F:

Thanks! We’ll be able to look into this next week

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Thank you, as always!

Is it helpful when beta testing to document bugs here as we find them, or is that distracting? Definitely want to make things as easy for y’all as possible.

Posting them here is fine - we’ll usually log these into our kanban board and then get them prioritized.

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@Quasar Just an update that we have fixed both the set toggle issue as well as the unshift issue. The updated firmware is not released yet - probably by Thursday.

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Wonderful news, thanks @james!

Hey @james, was the fix included in the most recent update? I’m still having issues with the scenario above. Thanks

I just tested this and it works though. Using Preset A to engage Preset B which has a Set toggle message to toggle Preset C.

Can you share with me your data file and let me know the steps to reproduce?

I’ll be able to shoot you that data dump later tonight or tomorrow, but have you tried it across banks?

For example:

Bank 1 Preset A - Release - Engage Preset (Bank 2 Preset B - No Action)

Bank 2 Preset B - No Action - Set Toggle (Engage Toggle B)

Ah ok, It wasn’t working for across banks but I just fixed it. Will publish the new firmware today. Thanks!


Here is an example; trying to get Bank 1 Preset A to Toggle (thus Blink) from an Engage Message sent by Bank 7 Preset B. The CC messages are firing, but I can’t get it to Toggle and Blink.

Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_File (1).json (51.2 KB)
Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_File.json (51 KB)

Thanks! Ok I see the issue - we didn’t handle the case when the toggled preset is set to a Global Toggle group. I’ve fixed it on my end - will test some more and release an update today or tomorrow.

EDIT: I’ve uploaded the file for MC8 dated 2021-09-15. Hopefully that fixes your issue. Do let me know if otherwise~


It works! It works! It works!

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I’m having trouble getting this to keep working. Right now I’m trying to get Bank 1/Preset R to somehow disengage the toggle for Preset B (any bank) with Engage Preset (Bank 27/Preset B/Press action). I have all Preset B’s set to Toggle Group 2.

In Bank 27/Preset B/Press action, I’ve tried using Set Toggle to engage B, but it won’t budge. I’ve tried using Engage Preset to Bank 1/Preset B/No Action, but it only does a CC message associated with No Action, not the Set Toggle part. I’ve also tried Engage Preset to Bank 27/Preset B/No Action, but that freezes the MC completely and forces a reboot.

Thanks for the help. It works when I do Set Toggles from Bank 1/Preset R and connect everything to Toggle Group 2, but I really need to clear some room on the preset and in theory we got this working last week, so hopefully should work here.

EDIT: Added preset files:
preset_R_data (1).json (1.9 KB)
preset_R_data.json (1.9 KB)
preset_B_data.json (1.9 KB)

Thanks for the feedback. I probably can only look into this next week - will update as soon as I can

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