[Beta 3.9] On First Engage

Hey y’all, are we able to Set Toggle from the On First Engage action? On presets with multiple actions with overlapping messages, it would be cool to be able to use On First Engage as an Apply All deal that works for all actions, assuming you’ve engaged a different preset since then.

I don’t think I quite understood this.

Mapping the On First Engage action to a Set Toggle message type is possible. What do you mean by “apply all dead that works for all actions”?

Apologies for the ambiguity! Let’s say I’m on Bank 1 Preset R, and have an On First Engage action mapped to Set Toggle - Disengage Preset B. Any time I use any action on Preset R directly after any other preset is used, it should Disengage Preset B, correct? If so, looks like a possible bug or user error. Here are the presets:

preset_B_data.json (1.9 KB)
preset_R_data (2).json (1.9 KB)

Just tested this, yes there is a logic issue in the code. Should be able to post an update for this next week. Thanks for reporting it.

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They should call you the Orkin Man, cause you’re zappin bugs left and right!

… I’ll see myself out.

This seems to be working smoothly again.

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