[Beta 3.9] On First Engage

Hey y’all, are we able to Set Toggle from the On First Engage action? On presets with multiple actions with overlapping messages, it would be cool to be able to use On First Engage as an Apply All deal that works for all actions, assuming you’ve engaged a different preset since then.

I don’t think I quite understood this.

Mapping the On First Engage action to a Set Toggle message type is possible. What do you mean by “apply all dead that works for all actions”?

Apologies for the ambiguity! Let’s say I’m on Bank 1 Preset R, and have an On First Engage action mapped to Set Toggle - Disengage Preset B. Any time I use any action on Preset R directly after any other preset is used, it should Disengage Preset B, correct? If so, looks like a possible bug or user error. Here are the presets:

preset_B_data.json (1.9 KB)
preset_R_data (2).json (1.9 KB)

Just tested this, yes there is a logic issue in the code. Should be able to post an update for this next week. Thanks for reporting it.

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They should call you the Orkin Man, cause you’re zappin bugs left and right!

… I’ll see myself out.

This seems to be working smoothly again.

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On First Engage seems to be having an issue. Some messages are working but not showing up in the Activity Monitor, and some are not working at all. Running 3.9.6, 1.2.5C. Let me know if you need screenshots/data dumps.

Thanks for taking a look!

Yes, seems like there’s an issue with that in v3.9.6 but fixed in v3.9.7.

Should be ok to use even if its listed as beta - I dont see any more bugs related to the new additions

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Thanks! The messages are now sending - the important part! Heads up, it’s still not showing up in the Activity Monitor.

Not sure if this is the right category to share my findings on Beta 3.9.7, but would like to share following findings on “Trigger Messages” message type. (Very welcome feature!)

  1. Unchecking Msg1 checkbox is not saved
  2. Preset Toggle (action = Press) of preset being trigger source, does not function anymore
  3. Would be great to have a (de)select all option for the checkboxes in this case too

If you need any more information on my configuration, please let me know.

Thanks for pointing this out - saw the issue. Will fix in next update.

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Saw this issue - will fix
  2. I didn’t quite get this. Can you share an example, perhaps a screenshot of your preset settings?
  3. You’re right - I’ll a select/clear all button.

Regarding comment #2:
Button press will not toggle preset to Pos 2 in following setup.

Thanks for the info. Can you share what’s on your Preset T?

I just tested this and it works fine, unless your Preset T Msg 1 has a Toggle Preset message as well. I’ll assume the screenshot shows Preset A. So what will happen is that Preset A will “inherit” the message data from Preset T, so if Preset T Msg1 is a Toggle Preset message, Preset A will toggle twice (based on your Preset A Msg 1 Toggle Preset message, and your Msg2 Trigger Messages

Thanks for you explanation. I will check/test this weekend.

And offcourse it works as you mentioned. I understand now!
This inheritance made me think of few additional options.

Would it be able to consider following optional configuration?

  • An option to only trigger messages triggered by the same action type.
    In the (#2) example: Press action on button A will only trigger Press actions in preset T, Double Tap will only trigger Double tap etc. This would lower the amount of additional programming actions on trigger side.

  • An option to make message triggering depending on current toggle position of target preset.
    In the example: If preset T is on toggle position 2, a Press action on buttion A will only trigger messages in preset T related to that position.

I think you should be able to do this with an Engage Preset message? “This message type allows you to engage another Preset in the same or different bank. You can choose what Preset, Bank and Action to engage.” From what I remember, Engage Preset can trigger itself (I think!)


Beta 3.9.7 testcase #4 revision.

Trigger midi cc messages configured in multiple (target) presets based on (target preset) toggle state.
Messages of multiple target presets are triggered by 1 master preset in either the same or a different bank.

Test setup

  • Master presets: 4 different configurations
  • Target presets: 2 types of configurations (presets A+B are the same as E+F and C+D = G+H)
  • Midi Channel corresponds with Setup number of master preset
  • CC Number corresponds with order of target presets within master preset

Test run steps

  • Manually toggle all target presets to Pos2 position
  • One by one toggle master presets to Pos2 position
    (Setup 3 is toggled to Pos2 and then back to Pos1 in order to generate midi cc messages)

Expected result
Setup 1 to 4 button presses should result in sending out Pos2 messages.
In test setup this means that for all setups 2 times a midi cc value (Data 2) = “2” is expected.


  • Undesired toggling of target presets (2nd target preset always)
  • cc vaue = “1” for all 1st triggered presets and “2” for all 2nd triggered presets
  • Target presets are not engaged when Master+Target presets are part of the same bank

Bank 8:
Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_Master_Target Bank_20220116_153731.json (51.0 KB)

Bank 7:
Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_Target Bank_20220116_153716.json (51.0 KB)

Bank 6:
Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_Master Trigger Bank_20220116_153658.json (51.0 KB)

Thanks for your response! Should be great if I could accomplish either way. I am curious if you recognize or have any suggestions regarding my test results on engaging presets in beta 3.9.7.

I took a look at your bank data -
It is because the Toggle Preset message is the first message.

So, when your target preset is in Pos2, and then you engage it with the master preset, the target preset will toggle back to Pos1 first, and then engage only the Pos1 messages. If you move the Toggle Preset message to the back, it should work as you expected. Hope that makes sense.

I used Preset A in banks 6&7 to test.