[Beta 3.9] defect: PC counter does not wrap [Resolved]

I have a couple of presets that send a PC change using a counter. It used to wrap around to the lowest value when at the highest value and I press the button. The latest 3.9 firmware stopped doing that from what I can see.

Assuming you’re on the very latest fw then this is probs the new feature at work… (2021-10-11) Add Rollover option to CC Value Scroll Message Type

So I guess (haven’t tried it myself yet) there’s a setting under scroll counters that (I assume) is defaulted to ‘no rollover’

This is a PC value, not CC. There does not seem to be a way to enable rollover of the PC value in the editor that I can see. I checked the controller settings and preset settings sections.

Ah my bad, I misread…. Sounds like a bug to me in such case!

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yeah might be related to the rollover feature we added for cc value scroll. Will check it out later in office. thanks for reporting it

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I have released an updated firmware with the fix

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I uploaded the new beta this morning. It does indeed wrap now. Unfortunately, it is no longer sending PC commands to my devices, a Source Audio Collider, and a Source Audio EQ2. This worked prior to the update.

oops, my bad. I have updated the firmware

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Uploaded the latest firmware. The issue is resolved. Thanks, James.