[Beta 3.9.0] Bank Jump questions

Having a play around with Beta 3.9.0 on MC6MkII, staging editor v1.1.6 Beta.

Question on bank jumps… (2021-06-07) Added Ignore Bank Preset Messages parameter in the Bank Jump messages. If enabled, Bank Presets will not execute when jumping banks with that message

Where does this this option appear please, I can’t see it?..

Also, (2021-06-01) Bank Jump message type now allows you to select whether to execute the Bank Presets On Enter and On Exit - in my scenario / screenshot where I’m jumping from Bank 25 to Bank 1, if I set “Execute Bank Preset on Exit” does this mean “execute Bank 25 Presets before exiting Bank 25”? And likewise if I set “Execute Bank Preset on Enter” does this mean “execute Bank 1 Presets on entering Bank 1”.

My Bank 25 presets are currently set:

…Do the new “on Exit” & “on Entry” settings mean I can amend my Bank 25 presets to look like this?..

…ie just enter the action to take, and when it executes is now controlled by the “on Exit” and “on Entry” event calling those actions?

Guess I should try it and see really :slight_smile:
Thanks - this is a killer update. SO many great new features in here!

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Several weeks ago I made a recommendation for a feature that would ignore the On Entry Bank Preset commands after a bank jump command (but just ignore after that certain jump command). This looks like an implementation of that and a bit more. I’ll have to try it out later too.

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I just tested the new Execute Bank Preset On Enter feature and it works great. Not having it Toggled On is achieving the result I want of not launching the Bank Presets commands that one time after the Bank Jump.

I am confused if the feature added on 6-07-2021 Ignore Bank Preset Messages parameter is the same thing. Because it is achieving the same results right?

Either way it’s a big win for me. With some major reprogramming I might be able to achieve everything my Selah Quartz pedal was doing (remote launching midi commands) with the MC8 now in the way I need it to work.

Can you kindly post some screenies of how you’re using on enter with new f/W? Sadly I’ve let the side down and chosen bike ride in the countryside over MIDI controller programming this evening! I know, I know…. :smile:

I just did a quick test with the MC8 on my smaller secondary board. No changes I decided to keep permanently for now. I’ll probably wait until the full release, so it’s stable and no more changes. And It’s gonna take hours and hours of reprogramming to implement it how I want anyways.

But basically, the test I ran involved

  1. adding a On Enter Bank 1 CC command to send to a pedal.
  2. Then I went to Bank 30 (My Kemper Preset selection bank) where I have a footswitch labeled Return (which is a Bank Jump Return to Previous bank.) I made sure that Execute Bank Preset On Enter was not toggled.
  3. Then when I execute that Return Bank Jump, it ignores the On Enter Bank commands for Bank 1.

Then I toggled On the Execute Bank Preset On Enter and when I did the Bank Return it trigged the Bank 1 On Enter presets.

So, in a nutshell. It works and I’m pleased.

Thanks for the feedback!

We wanted to implement it as an “Ignore Bank Preset” but in the end we decided to go with the choice to “Execute Bank Presets” instead. Will update the changelog.


Ah right…. I get it now, thanks!

Having Execute Bank Presets (on Enter or Exit) engaged would be normal behavior, correct? However, upon adding new Bank Jump messages, they are defaulting to disengaged. It might be better to have them default to the normal behavior.

That aside, this is yet another useful feature in 3.9!

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Just want to address this again while we’re still in Beta; is the normal behavior to execute or ignore enter/exit bank messages?

yes, executing bank presets should be normal behaviour. It was just that implementing the “execute bank presets” setting was much faster when we did it… which I obviously regret now :grimacing: :pensive:

We’ll make the switch in some time - but that would mean having to check your bank-jump messages again.

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