Best way to control volume

Hi all, recently got my MC6 and have a mostly strymon board. First time with midi. How do you all set and control volume nicely to avoid jumps between patches, and then also have a volume pedal?

I set up my expression pedal to be master volume on the iridium but my patches end up having significantly more or less volume than each of these at max based on gain settings. Then if I touch the volume pedal I’m starting from an odd point, find it hard to get back to ‘unity’ volume with other patches.

What’s the best practice people have found?


I use a midi capable eq pedal (boss eq200 or source audio eq2 for example) last in my signal chain as a master volume. Most pedals don’t have a global volume control. So if you use a dedicated device to do the volume you won’t have trouble with jumps.

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Thanks, I was wondering this. I’m running out of space and really don’t want to go bigger so tough choices ahead!

Anyone know of a midi controllable, very small, master volume or EQ that could snug under a board? I would just use for expression control so no need to access I think…

I had a Google but can’t see anything obviously in that category - might be a product opportunity!

The EQ2 doesn’t have a global volume, it’s dependent on each patch and will jump in volume if switching settings. I can’t speak for the EQ200. The H9 has a global volume and would be great for that.

Neither the Source Audio Collider and GFI Synesthesia have a global volume.

Having said that, it might help to redress volume differences if the EQ pedal volumes are set independently per patch.

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If you don’t need to adjust the volume while playing, you could go with a simple passive volume, jhs has a one knob pedal that is very small.

That looks like just the thing - little pricey and hard to find though - does make me wonder if I’d be better ditching the Compadre / Sunset / Iridium front end I’ve put together and get an HX Stomp instead…

Thanks - I’m still figuring it out but I think I need to both normalise the volume of each ‘preset’ - which should be possible with what I’ve got - and then also would like to have expression control on volume.

I remember seeing a video on youtube that talks about setting up the iridium. Its on the morningstar channel.

I have put this off long enough. I have had to many problems with noise due to a midi splitter with no opto coupler. I have been using one of my H9s ( last in chain) to control my volume. Unfortunately you can hear the sweep vis audible clicks, not extremely loud but annoying. Just ordered the Volcano. Now I patiently wait.

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Just received my Volcano today. Have it all set up. What a great piece. Works great with my MC6. I will also say that the owner , Ken is a great guy. Very fast to respond to questions and very quick to ship. No more zippering sounds, love it.

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You’re not helping my GAS here!

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