Best Practices for Testing Preset Changes

Are there any shared best practices for testing Preset changes? For example, after adding, changing, then saving Msgs within a preset, I often don’t see those changes make their way immediately into the MC6 Pro hardware, even though they’re seen in the Editor via MIDI Monitor. Is there an Editor disconnect or hardware reboot needed prior?
Any MC6 veterans care to chime in? This inquiring MIDI newbie is eager to learn!

I’ve had some issues concerning this, too. This is clearly not intended.
If you power the MC via usb when editing presets it bugs out sometimes. To get it to work properly I have to power the MC and the whole board, including all devices that are connected to the MC. I’m not sure what’s causing this.
@busterny, some features like bank jump etc aren’t available in general when connected to the editor. This is intended. To test those simply use the disconnect button in the editor.

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When you save a preset, the MC will immediately execute the new settings when you engage the preset. No rebooting is required unless you change some of the controller settings.

Is there an instance where this isn’t working for you? You can always verify in the MIDI monitor or Activity monitor in the editor that the the messages are executing as expected.