BeatBuddy volume control

I’m going to be using my MC8 to control the following pedals …
MC8 → BeatBuddy (midi channel 1) > Boomerang Looper (midi channel 16 for sync) → Strymon Mobius (midi channel 2) → Timeline (midi channel 3) → BigSky (midi channel 4) → MC8.

I’m starting out with the MC8 controlling BeatBuddy, then will send the MIDI clock from BeatBuddy to the Boomerang Looper. Then go from there.

I have a couple of questions I can’t find the answer to. I’ve read the users manual and read everything I can find for the Morningstar on user forums and watched all the demos I could find but could not find this answer.

  1. For the BeatBuddy volume:

In my MC8, I have Bank 5, Preset A set to …
CC Number = 108
CC Value = can be values between 0-127

So, how can I increment/decrement the CC value so that I can change the volume via a foot switch on my MC8?

  1. The BPM (Tempo+ and Tempo-) that I send to the BestBuddy are not showing on the main screen of my MC8.

Thanks for the help!


I just read this while searching for midi/Boomerang. I don’t see any responses to your questions–and the topic has obviously gone cold—but I followed the directions on this YouTube video and managed to get my BB to do everything (including what you’re asking) to the degree that I NEVER need to touch my BB during a performance.

I have a question regarding your midi chain. Did you have any problem getting the Boomerang to pass through your midi messages to the downstream pedals? I have the same Strymon pedals and have been looking for info. on whether the Midi out is a true Midi out given the rather restrictive and unorthodox usage of the term “Midi” for this looper other than clock sync.

By the way, in other threads I’ve read that the BB needs to set the clock and the clock on the MCx needs to be set to through. IT doesn’t appear you have yours set up this way. Have you had problems with sync?