Beatbuddy ,RC5 and MC3

Hi All
Just picked up a MC3 the other day ,works great so far as a simple switch to operate a Beatbuddy (master) , Boss RC5 looper and another slave Boss drum machine. Just want to see if there is a way I can use the MC3 to send a Midi message out to the beatbuddy to dis-engage the midi out ,so that I can operate/run the RC 5 looper independently of all midi clocks when needed.

Or is there a way to have the MC3 to control the RC5 internal sync clock to toggle between Auto and Internal

That’s a good question to Boss. Or you can try to find it in the Reference Manual. I don’t have a RC5 but can read it too.
From what I read the only way is changing the SYNC CLOCK between AUTO/INTERNAL manually on the device (page 15). The commands that can be Midi controled with CC80 - CC88 are one page 14.

There are times when a full on midi drum machine/looper comes in handy for a live performance, but sometimes just a simple loop / non midi / real time application also works well too. I understand the RC5 has limited midi controllable functions, Just wanted to see if all midi related items can be turned off going to the RC5 by using the MC3 to program a command.
Perhaps A bit more to explore on the MC3 first as it is a new item for me. Maybe more experienced users here might see a work around
Thx in advance for any tips…

I know what you mean. I have a RC500 and have similar limitations, the bigger is only 8 midi CCs to use. I’ll be glad to help you because I use the RC500 in a stand and control it totally with a MC8. Also have a Beatbuddy for for more complex rhythms, that gives me some additional problems.

Thx for your kind offer….
From what I gather I will have to revert to adjusting the internal clock on the RC 5 itself to di-engage itself from the drum machines and midi clock when needed.

My other concern is to try to get the RC 5 to accept midi thru the TRS connector on the Morningstar MC 3 …to the point where I can sync up the RC 5 to do a simple command of starting/stopping in conjunction with the Beatbuddy. The MC 3 will act as the master I’ll continue to work on the issue.
All the best

Will be following this topic. I literally just got my MC8, BeatBuddy and RC-500 (and HX Stomp) all working last night. This is my first time working with a MIDI controller, so I’ve have had a bit of learning curve (but it’s all good!).

I’ve not yet messed around with midi clock. All of my devices are each plugged into an MC8 Omniport (no daisy chaining the MIDI), so my plan is to use the MC8 as the midi clock to sync up loops on the RC-500 with the BeatBuddy. However, sometimes I am just using the RC-500 to play a simple backing track (bass and drum beat), and in those instances I don’t think I want (or need) midi clock from the MC8 driving the RC-500. In this case, would the midi clock affect (ie: speed up or slow down) these pre-recorded loops…or since the loop is a saved “preset” in the RC-500 (at a specific BPM or speed), does it just play back at the speed/tempo it was recorded at and ignore the incoming midi clock? I guess I’d also face the issue with any BeatBuddy songs (saved at a certain BPM). When recalled on the BeatBuddy, would the incoming midi clock automatically change that saved BPM?
Again, I’m a MIDI “noob”, so any advice on how this works would be great. Or, of course, I can simply enable the midi clock and see what happens. :wink:

If the clock “does” affect the BeatBuddy BPM, or playback of backing tracks on the RC-500…then it would be great to have the ability to easily turn it off/ignore via a command/switch press on the MC8 in certain situations/songs.

Hi @DigitalMan68
What I use is the Morningstar command type Midi Clock in one preset with
Show tap menu - Yes
BPM - 0
This way, when I press the preset the clock stops (BPM=0).
If I what the clock to restart I do tap Start again.

Thank you for this VERY interesting exchange.

Needed to downsize from MC8. It was overkill for my modest application and WAY too big for my pedalboard. Considered MC3 but that won’t work because for my Beat Buddy and RC500 clocks to sync, the signal has to pass through the MC switcher. According to Xloopers’ May 26 post “(like @james promised) because MC8 can pass thru the clock it receives from MIdi IN to Midi Out without any processing.” MC3 Does Not Have have an “IN” Midi slot. So that removes it from my option list. Looks like the MC6 is my next best option. I need a pedal board stretcher.

Yes, the MC3 does not have MIDI IN. It’s possible to use a USB MIDI Host converter (USB MIDI is bi-directional) but i think the extra $$$ would add up to the price of a MC6.

For MIDI Clock messages, yes with the recent update, when it appears the the MIDI Input, it will get routed to the MIDI Output immediately. Based on email exchanges with a number of users, the timing issue has been solved with this update.

Thanks much, James!! It would have been nice of them to make the MC3 “in” more obvious. Anyway, thanks for the input. It helped. I just ordered the MC-6.

After reviewing my original posts here…
On a whim I came across a way that allows me to disengage the midi on my RC 5 while using Beatbuddy as a master. The RC 5 is first set to midi sync clock :Auto . then simply pull apart the midi out connection between the BB and RC5., this crude way disengages the BB controlling the RC5 and allows the RC5’s internal clock to work freely for those times when you want to use the RC5 as a stand alone looper without midi…
The next question is… can I use the MC3 to program or act as a midi disconnect between the BB and the RC5 similar to the “disconnected” cable scenario … or failing that is there a simple midi on/off footswitch switch I can buy that allows me to achieve the same function …
Thx in advance for your advice.

“The RC 5 is first set to midi sync clock :Auto . then simply pull apart the midi out connection between the BB and RC5.”

I have a Pigtronix Infinity loop I send CC88 (0) to turn off MIDI sync, and CC88 (1) to turn it back on.

I cannot seem to find comprehensive Midi implementation doc for the RC5.
I had a quick look to see if the Beatbuddy can have Midi Thru turn off remotely - maybe worth asking Singular Sound on their forum if there is some Sysex, or CC that can be used to turn on/off Midi Thru, or Send Midi Clock On/Off. I know they can be set on the device. So it may be easier for to turn off Send MIDI sync on the Beatbuddy rather than pulling cables.

Thx I’ll have a look at Singular sound too. At this point, it almost seems easier to create a passive midi kill switch… the boss midi wiring is basically using tip ring and sleeve connections. So perhaps it seems like an alternative way ?
I would appreciate if someone could advise if there are any adverse reasons for doing so…

Checkout page 11 of the BeatBuddy midi manual. Under the Midi Out settings you can set the Midi Sync to “Always On” (always sends midi clock”), or “While Playing”, which only sends midi clock when the BeatBuddy is playing drums.

The RC5 midi sync may also need to be set to “Auto”?

Hope this helps. I now need to try this with my BeatBuddy and RC-500.