Beat Buddy Automation

I have a Beat Buddy, and Aeros Looper, MC8, and Meris Hedra. Is it possible to trigger synchronized MC8 patch changes with the Beat Buddy? I would like different pedals affected when the beat buddy changes patterns in a predetermined order. Is this possible with the MC8? Would another piece of hardware perform the described function?

Hi @bassplayer. Why not have the setlist in the MC8 and have him to drive all the other pedals including the Beatbuddy? That a possible scenary. What are the drawbacks for you?

So the looper will trigger in time with the Beat Buddy, so when the drum machine pattern starts or finishes, the looper will work in concert to make a loop in time every time. I want to bring that same type of effect switch timing to the rest of my board, so the Meris Hedra will change its settings in time with the beat like the Aeros does. If the MC8 is driving the Beat Buddy, then I am assuming that I am losing the drum machine based timing changes of the beat buddy-to-looper ability that I already have, but not have the effects trigger every time together.

As I see it, the MC8 gives the clock to all devices and selects the patches but then you start, change parts and end the song with the Beatbuddy.

The only thing missing is changing effect patches between song parts if that is important to you. By the way, the Meris Hedra is an awsome pedal that everybody should have (including me :slightly_smiling_face:).

I will experiment with this. I can work around not automating changing the effect patches between song parts, but I would prefer it if I could. The Hedra is amazing. It is the best pitch pedal I have come across.