Basic IA switching and preset combinations

So hi guys.
I bought a MC8 to replace my MuscomLab midi controller/switcher in my studio.
The way I have things setup is to only respond to CC commands.
For about 25 years now Ive been using different midi foot controllers to switch my rack.
The way this is normally done is to set the IA switches to the state I like and then save them into presets on the foot controller. That way you can have say 4 buttons for presets and the rest for IA switches. The Important thing is that the IA always has to be ready to go.This unit obvious have a lot of power, but it does not look like its able to do this basic thing.

I have a Voodoolab GCX switcher that responds to messages 80-87 on ch 16.
Å roland SDE-330 delay that responds to 84 on ch 2 and my Lexicon PCM-80 on CC 50-51 on ch 5.
So total 11 CC commands. on is 127 and off is 0.
I have no problem setting up so called Toggle presets to toggle between state 1 and 2 for every CC command. But storing different states into different presets looks to be impossible.
I did try to set up preset A-D to do presets with engage preset functions. Doing so seems to be the correct way. So when I program first line of preset A I say Press, engage preset D for on/off loop 1 on GCX. state 1 for on and 2 if I like it off. I do the same for the rest of the CC commands.

But this does not work correctly. Ive done a clean preset on button A and a Crunch setting on B.
If I go from A to B directly it gets messed up. I have to press A a second time to dis-engage it before hitting B. and the other way around.
Does any of you know how to do this?

Try the Set Toggle message to control the status of your toggles, then use Global Toggle groups to chain them together across banks, if so desired.

Let us know if that works.

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Thanks!! After a crazy amount of programming I was finally able to make it work. It involved using 10 CC commands to switch the basic presets to the sound I wanted… then on very preset I also needed two sets of set toggle to get correct status on the toggle presets (IA switches). And then all my toggle presets had to be on separate toggle groups. Now it works like I need it too.
But I think it’s strange to have to do that much programming just to get the standard functions of an old Bradshaw RS-10. Cool that it can do a lot, but it should be easier to get a he basic functions.