Bank Up/Bank Change Mode not working with Custom Sequence

Sorry if this has been addressed, but I can’t seem to use a Custom Bank Sequence after updating my MC6 to v3.10.1. When disabling the Custom Bank Sequence, Bank Up and Bank Change Mode work as expected, but when I have arranged and enabled a Custom Sequence, Bank Up and Bank Change Mode do not work as expected. For example, when entering Bank Change Mode I am able to scroll through my Custom Sequence, but when selecting a bank I enter the underlying default bank at that number, not the custom sequence bank. I have made sure that my device is not in editor mode, restarted, etc.

There was a bug related to using the bank up/down message type with bank change mode. Fix is in v3.10.2 beta - let me know if this firmware resolves the issue for you?

I just tested on the MC8 (custom bank sequence + bank change mode) and it works

Thanks so much James - I updated to the v3.10.2 beta firmware and it’s working great now. (Lesson learned - don’t overlook the latest beta!) Thanks as always for the quick support!