Bank up and down on one button

I’ve watched all the tutorials on YouTube and I got a good overall view of possibilities but I know nothing of midi. Ive been trying the web editor

Here’s my issue I got an mc 8 and my feet aren’t wide enough to hit two horizontal buttons at once so I cant to bank up and down I was wanting to make it switch banks up and down on tap and double tap and it seemed simple but I couldn’t get it to work after saving and unplugging so I erased it.

Is there anyway I could get a simple explantation on how to do this. I just need to setup the device before I go thinking about trying to preset up and down on axe fx 2(which there are no videos of they are all the 3)

Update : ok I got it to bank change but now I’m trying to get it to work with axe fx 2. It’s different than the 3 and there aren’t any guides on that one.
I’ve read up on axe fx 2 commands it looks like you can set a cc for preset up and down but I was hoping I could find an easy way to jump presets and I’m not seeing how axe fx2 is capable of that because I know the mc 8 is plenty capable.