Bank up and down on one button

I’ve watched all the tutorials on YouTube and I got a good overall view of possibilities but I know nothing of midi. Ive been trying the web editor

Here’s my issue I got an mc 8 and my feet aren’t wide enough to hit two horizontal buttons at once so I cant to bank up and down I was wanting to make it switch banks up and down on tap and double tap and it seemed simple but I couldn’t get it to work after saving and unplugging so I erased it.

Is there anyway I could get a simple explantation on how to do this. I just need to setup the device before I go thinking about trying to preset up and down on axe fx 2(which there are no videos of they are all the 3)

Update : ok I got it to bank change but now I’m trying to get it to work with axe fx 2. It’s different than the 3 and there aren’t any guides on that one.
I’ve read up on axe fx 2 commands it looks like you can set a cc for preset up and down but I was hoping I could find an easy way to jump presets and I’m not seeing how axe fx2 is capable of that because I know the mc 8 is plenty capable.

How did you get it work, to Bank Up and Bank Down with each a preset?

Got it.
while editing with the editor, it doesnt work, but after disconecting the USB it worked.

Yes, that’s right. Rationale why we disabled those features in Editor Mode is because we need to differentiate between when a user presses the button to load the settings into the editor and when the user actually wants to bank up/down.

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that makes sense. :smiley:
thx for the info.

Just a word to the wise here. Once you get the hang of the web editor and how it works with the pedal I would highly recommend diagrams and flowcharts of how everything is going t work it will save you mental stress. Before you even start. I stopped programming it just to do that and it’s helped a ton.