Bank send plus Patch Changes on a Singular Sound Aurora Looper?

Just an initial ask to the experts on here. I’ve been touring with a Disaster Area DMC-4 on my board, which is kind of basic but just doing the trick. (plus when I bought it there were not enough parts left to make Morningstar products apparently) I have just purchased a Singular Sound Aurora and discovered that preset changes are accomplished by sending a CC:0 bank number message first and then a PC command. A bit of a pain.

So what I’m hoping the a Morning Star can do is send this two step message along one channel and then a usual PC command only to all the other midi channels to switch to the MIDI Scene for a song. Ideally Id love to do this with one tap as my transitions between songs are often instant for artists with no break continuous sets. (also my solo act)

I have been looking at the manuals and can see there is quite a bit of programmability available but I’m still not sure. Off the top of their head does anyone know if this would be possible? I would love an MC3 for the size and weight but it might be wiser to get an MC6. Perhaps someone out there has tackled this specifically with an Aurora in their setup?


Hi, both the MC3 and the MC6 can do that for you.
For live use I’d recommend the MC6Pro. You get much better visual feedback. And more ports to connect expression pedals and other stuff, which is nice to control some parameters in real time

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Oh siick! Thats great to know thank you!