Bank/Preset Display on the MC8

I’m an MC6 user, about to make the jump to the MC8, for the extra switches.

However being used to the MC6, I’m used to less text. I’m wondering if it’s possible to hide the bank/preset messages on the MC8, or otherwise customize those lines so there’s less text?

Not currently but Display expression position on screen - #7 by james indicates that it’s planned for the MC8.

Have you looked into adding an external 3 button switch to your MC6 (assuming you have available omniports)? Gives a range of functions eg toggle page, bank up/down etc or you can map presets from page 2 depending on which omniport you plug it into.

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I’m currently using one external switch. However I’m really looking for a larger display as well- I’ve got my presets setup with toggles, etc. and could use more.

In any case, it’s not a deal breaker- would just be handy if that was customizable.

That “Focus Mode” is a great idea. Less is more playing live.

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