Bank/Preset activation

Good morning,
New to the world of MIDI and need help.
I’ve done a lot of searching on the web but I can’t find what I’m looking for. Please send me a link or tell me what I need to do with the Morninstar editor to activate the preset of the footswitch ‘A’ of bank ‘00’ of my Strymon Timeline or Mobius. The annoying thing is that it’s probably very simple.

Check the Mobius Manual and the midi commands starting on page 24.

Switch A is CC 80 (0/127).
Switch B is CC 82 (0/127)

Banks start at 0.

Send PC of 0 or 1 will take you to the first page.

You would then have to trigger a second command to engage (CC 102).

Just experiment with sending PC message first and then the engage CC.

ps - mobius manual: