Bank names do not show up in editor list but do in edit settings

As you can see the bank names are not listed in the list on the left, but the bank name is displayed in the “editor”.

This happens in an odd configuration I am using (but not in more standard configurations). This frees up the other midi inputs for other uses.

MC6 Pro USB Host <-> CME U6MIDI Pro <-> CME Widi Master <- BLE -> MacBook running editor

This is not an issue with a direct USB connection or when the Widi Master is connected directly to the MC6 Pro.

This happens to me most of the time as well with my MC6 Pro directly connected to the editor via USB cable.

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This happens with me as well. Following

Does this happen all the time or randomly?

We’re working on some enhancement to the editor and have made some bug fixes to the backend as well. can you try this test editor and let me know if the issue persists for you?