Bank Jump to second page

Hey there all. Brand new to the MC6 and stoked on it! Just wondering if there is a way to program a switch to jump to a bank (bank jump action) and then also pull up the second page of that bank, instead of the first page of that bank.

That’d be really helpful! TIA!

I haven’t ever had a need to do a command to go to second page with bank jump,
but I do have presets that start on second page and jump back to first page with bank jump…

I just have the toggle page command on the message line right before the bank jump command and it executes them in order.

I haven’t installed it yet, but the new beta 3.7.0 version has this in the release notes…
“Added option for Bank Jump to jump to a different bank + page”

Hey Jerry thanks!

My need is that I have songs in a set list on both page 1 and 2, but I also trigger out of each song and like to bring it back to the set page in case we go out of order or something. If I was starting song 7 which is on page 2, but then wanted to go straight into song 9 after hitting the end of 7, yeah the jump brings me back to the set list bank, but it’s an extra button press to get back over to the second page to then cue up 9.

Hopefully that makes sense lol. It’d be pretty sweet to have that type of feature! I tried the going in order thing and it didn’t work for me :confused:

sometimes I’ll reorder commands if they are giving me problems. So maybe try the bank jump listed before the page toggle command. Also be sure you are disconnected and out of edit mode when testing to make sure bank jumps/page toggles are running correctly.
and if by chance your midi chain loops back around to the input of the MC6, you might try a midi command in the place of the page toggle. CC4 Value 0 does page toggle. I use 2 MC8s and use the midi page toggle command all the time when I need to keep banks/pages synced up between the units.

scroll down a little and you can find the 3.7.0 firmware if you wanna try it for the new bank jump+page I’m waiting until after a gig on Saturday to try it myself because I don’t wanna have anything mess up beforehand.

Somewhat related, just make sure you use the staging editor that has the message scroll/ select preset features-- otherwise the “message scroll” feature gets turned on automatically on any presets you edit with the new beta firmware. Learned this the long way yesterday. ha.

Definitely downloaded the beta 3.7, not seeing any changes in the editor on how to actually assign the bank+page thing though unfortunately lol

Since I am brand new - this doesn’t make any sense to me right now haha!

I went ahead and updated my MC6 on my smaller setup to see what is going on…

the downloadable desktop editor isn’t showing that new feature…use the online staging editor.
with that editor, Bank Jump is showing a slider for Toggle Page right next to Go to Last Used Bank

ha, my apologies meant to reply to jmay-- but basically what you said. if you don’t use the staging editor (that jmay linked), some features won’t be visible.

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Just saw there is a different editor!! Thanks a million man. Just tried it all out - works exactly as I was hoping. Really sweet. Thanks so much for your help man!

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