Bank Jump/Select after Edit Mode

Hi there

Just something I have discovered that was not obvious to me and may help others:

The MC6 stays in Edit mode after disconnecting from USB but attached to a permanent power source. You need to restart the MC6 for bank jumps to work.

My setup is an HX Stomp and MC6 connected to a 25600 mAh battery with a Mission Engineering 529M and a 9V Y-Cable.The devices are always powered. I only connect them to my Mac for updates and preset editing. When disconnecting MC6 from the editor, bank changes do not work and I assume the device stays in edit mode. After a power on/off cycle bank jumps work again.


I’ve seen this behavior too although not consistently. One solution I’ve found it to do a save on the controller settings without making any actual changes - this causes the MC6 to reboot.

Adding a reboot button to the editor would be nice but hopefully once my MC6 is fully configured I won’t be doing too much editing. When its all fixed into the loom it’s going to be fun trying to physically take out the power and USB.

It would be useful if there was a physical power button on the MC6 but that’s certainly not a software update :slight_smile: but maybe on the wish list for the Mk3.

I may consider putting an inline switch so I can turn off the 9v power but will have to see, need to get it fully working before I add it physically to my pedal board.

Clicking on disconnect in the editor should tell the controller to exit editor mode. If you are just plugging out the USB cable, the controller will not know that it is disconnected. But you can press A+D on the MC6 to toggle in and out of editor mode.