Bank Jump Not Working Properly

I’ve scoured the help blog and can’t find an answer to my question.

On my MC8 I use Bank 1, Page 1 as a menu. Switch A-Beat Buddy/ Switch B-Timeline/ Switch C Big Sky/Switch D Iridium, etc. When in editor mode, I can press each switch (on the physical pedal) and the controller takes me to the assigned bank. When I disconnect the editor and restart the controller, things change. When I press Switch B it takes me to the next sequential bank, Bank 2–Beat Buddy and Switch D does nothing.

My preset is press/ bank jump and then the bank number.

I “thought” I had achieved an “intermediate,” or at least “advanced beginner” level of experience but I suddenly I can’t even handle a bank jump. I’d appreciate a nudge toward a resource for this problem.


hi Bill, are you using the custom bank sequence in your controller? If so, there was a change in v3.10 where the bank jump will now jump tot he underlying bank instead of what is in the custom bank sequence. This is so that you do not need to keep updating your bank jump messages whenever you rearrange your banks

Doh! I just discovered that and came back to delete my post or to insult myself some way. Thanks–once again–James!!!

Your fan,