Bank Jump bug in MC8 3.9.0

Bank Jump seems to be buggy for the MC8 with the latest beta firmware 3.9.0 and in the beta staging editor. Every Bank Jump message reverts to jumping to Bank 1 instead of the specified bank.

Repro: Go to Preset A in Bank 1, set to Bank Jump to Bank 2, save Preset A, go to Preset B, go back to Preset A, the Message now shows Bank Jump to Bank1 (instead of the saved Bank 2 value).

@james Can you confirm that this is a bug? If yes, when will the fix approximately be published? Thanks!

Looks like a bug, let me check now and update soon.

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Ok it should be fixed now. Do let me know if you still face the issue, thanks!

Works now. Amazing - thanks a lot!

Just FYI there were a few more bugs similar to this for other message types. I have just pushed the fix so if you’re still editing, just refresh the page, thanks!

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