Bank Events question


I have an MC6 running 3.7.3, and am trying to achieve something that the UI leads me to believe is possible, but it doesn’t seem to be acting as I would hope. I’m controlling MainStage on a laptop, and I’d love to have bank changes send ‘Enter’ and ‘Exit’ messages per bank selection. It appears that this is possible, but also seems that it’s global - in that these messages are not specific to the bank. Is that right? When I’m editing presets, all messages that are configured in the UI change as I change presets, but editing the bank messages don’t act the same. Can someone elaborate on this? Every bank I change to sends a Program Change message of ‘2’ now as shown in my screenshot here.


In the Bank Presets, it is specific to a bank, not global. When you change presets within a bank, the bank preset settings won’t change as the bank isn’t changed. If you load a preset from a different bank, the settings loaded will be specific to the new bank.

ok, I’m not following what you’re saying here so I’ll try to be more specific.

when I see this option in the UI, it leads me to believe that when I ‘enter’ or ‘exit’ a bank (via Bank Up or Bank Down on the MC6) that I can send messages when this occurs. is my assumption not correct? I would like to have messages sent when I enter or exit a bank.

Yes, it is correct. In your screenshot, when you enter Bank 1, a PC#2 message will be sent.

Are you saying that every bank you change to will send this message upon entering? After updating to v3.7, you’ll need to reset the Bank Presets to initialise them (basically a reset for all the bank presets). You can check the Bank Presets in other banks to make sure they are all empty.