Bank changing in wait mode

Hello to everyone. Can someone explain to me step by step how I can change the banks and have it on hold so that I can change the sound I want only by push the preset? My MC6 is connected with a Line 6 XH Stomp. Thank you in advance

You might want to restate your question and also provide an example. Have no idea what the above means, sorry.

I try to better explain. If I jump from a bank to another bank ( backward or forward )I want it to stay on hold mode until I choose which patch should sound

Are you referring to the HX’s banks? If you perform a bank jump on the MC all presets are in position 1 by default. That can be changed with ‘on enter’ bank messages though.

Please can you explain me step by step how to do this? Thanks :heart:

Well, there isn’t much to explain. If you bank up or down on the MC it won’t send any messages by default. The HX will stay on the current preset until you press a button on the MC that recalls a preset with whatever you have programmed to it. I genuinely don’t understand what the issue is. You might want to explain it in more detail. :thinking:

That’s the problem. If I switch to a previous or subsequent bank, it jump me directly to the sound programmed on the patch😏

Just to clarify, are you switching banks on the HX or are we talking about the MC?

I switch Banks on MC6

Can you do an “all banks” data backup and share the file, so we can see how your MC6 is programmed?

How can I find this? On MC6 Editor ?

Yes, in the editor under Controller Backup

Morningstar_MC6_MKII_All_Banks_Backup_20230818_095410.json (573.5 KB)

Ok I think I understand what you’re trying to do… You want to scroll through the presets on the HX stomp without loading the sound on the HX Stomp? I don’t think that is possible on the HX Stomp. Once a preset is loaded, the sound loads as well.

this would be ridiculous. Any small modeler ( I also have Hotone’s Ampero that does this…). In that case I think I will never use it again. It is not useful at all to use it like this

Actually, you might want to verify this on the Line6 forum or with Line6 tech support, or maybe wait for the support of other users here. I can’t say I’m 100% proficient with the HX Stomp but it does seem like you can’t.

Ok, for now I do Gigs with Hotone Ampero. Thanks anyway man :hugs: