AxeFX Integration Mode - Button Press Timing Issues

This might be something that belongs in the BUGS section (Admins, feel free to move if appropriate).

I’ve noticed that the MC6 Mk II AxeFX Integration Mode is sensitive to switch press timing. For any other standard MIDI (or MC6 function) assignment, the command is fired no matter how briefly the MC6 button is pressed. In any of the AxeFX Integration modes, only a slightly longer-than-usual button press fires the AxeFX related command. If I have multiple button press / release events assigned, any of them will work on a very short button press, but it takes a slightly longer (not LONG BUTTON PRESS) time for any AxeFX event to be sent. Why is this, and can it be fixed?

In the editor software, there’s a Switch Sensitivity setting; under Controller Settings / General Configuration. I would start there!