Axe FXIII tuner and MC6mkII

Hi, looking for information on why I can’t get the AxeIII tuner to show up on the MC6mkII display. I have 2 way communication working, can engage the tuner using CC#15 but if I use the ‘Axe Tuner’ command in the Morningstar editor assigned to a button, the MC6 display just gives me the response “waiting for AxeFX tuner”. I have verified that I have System Exclusive set to ON in the Axe setup MIDI menu.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Update… done a bit more testing. The tuner display does show up on the MC6 if, after sending a programmed ‘Axe Tuner’ command assigned to a switch on the MC6, I then go to the Axe FX front panel and select the ‘page select’ button on the front of the Axe FX. So it’s almost there but not quite working properly. I assume this is a known issue which will be resolved in a future update…


Hi, did you managed how to use this feature properly?
It can’t seems to work on my FM3 and I get the “waiting for AxeFX tuner” all the time…

No unfortunately I didn’t get it working consistently. The tech help at Morningstar was great they did suggest a few things that made it work but then it stopped again. (I think it was after another Axe upgrade or my moving to Gig Performer 4 for the host program.). I’m not using that same setup anymore so sorry I can’t prove whether it is working or not. I really like the MC6 but for other reasons I decided to buy the Fractal FC6 footboard, which doesn’t have as much possibilities as the MC6 but works for my needs.

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Oh, sorry to hear that.
I hope the 3.9 FW will fix this issue.

The SysEx messages sent for the AxeFX functions are set for the AxeFX III only - the document I used didn’t state if it worked for other models, but we have had another user that tested it with the FM3 and it works (with a custom firmware). I’ll add a Model parameter in the AxeFX message types so that the user an select the model.

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This means that preset and scene integration will work with FM3 as well?
I see on Instagram a lot of people asking for that.

Thanks a lot!!!


I am trying to use the Fractal Tuner of a Fm3 in a Mc6 mkii, I get the message on the Mc6 screen “waiting for tuner” and only until I directly on the Fm3 enceindo the tuner is when I appear on the Mc6 screen the tuner, this is a bug for the Fm3? or I’m missing something?

The other fractal integration features work fine.

UPDATE : I saw what the detail was I had to configure in Fm3 that the Tuner responds to the midi message CC#15!!!

I have reverted to using SysEx rather than manually configuring the CC message on the FM3. This technique should also work on the Axe-III, but you would need to change the target device code (and this will change the checksum). I believe it is as follows:

Turn the tuner ON - F0 00 01 74 10 11 01 05 F7
|Turn the tuner OFF - F0 00 01 74 10 11 00 04 F7