Axe-FX III support?

Has bi-directional MIDI support for the Axe-FX III been added to the MC-8 yet? I would looking for real-time scene and preset names, tuner support, etc.

There is Tuner support, so the tuner information can be displayed on the MC8 screen.

The others are still in the backlog. The goal for this integration is to have it as a Bank Message Type, so for a Bank, you can set a Bank Preset message to have something like a Retrieve AxeFX Names on Bank Enter, which will then populate the preset names in that bank.


OK, that’s a start. Keep in mind that the Scene names in Axe-FX are unique to each Preset, so when you select a Preset, you have to re-load all of the Scene names.

Working on this today… Not sure how best to do it yet. As a user, are you expecting to control only the AxeFX in the integration mode, or are you also expecting to send out what you programmed in those presets? My thought is when in integration mode, all the switches should be set up to engage presets/scenes, and then there’ll be a dedicated switch to exit the “integration mode”.

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This looks quite good!

For my use case, it’s either a song-specific Preset with Scenes, or it’s the Kitchen Sink approach with programmed control of the individual Blocks.

My current MIDI board allow me to mix and match selection of Axe-FX 3 Presets, Scenes, along with IAs used for individual block commands and programmed command sequences. The names for the IAs are fixed, while the names for Presets and Scenes come from the Axe-FX 3 in real time. While the board allows me to mix them, from a practical perspective I generally don’t mix the two in a given page. It would not be a problem to have complete pages restricted to being either commands or Presets/Scenes, as long as I can have the “standard” pages (i.e., not integration mode) set up to load a specific AFX3 Preset (ex: “Kitchen Sink” preset).

I am only controlling the Axe-FX3, so no other devices are in play. The only hitch comes in with things that the Presets and Scenes cannot do, like changing an amp block channel without changing anything else, or changing several FX blocks without changing the Amp and Cab blocks.

Thanks for the information. I don’t think we’ll be going into block level because there is just too many variations for the level of flexibility we want to offer.

What we will add is Preset Select and Scene Select options:

Preset Select pulls out all the Preset names starting from the Preset Number you specify.
Scene Select pulls out all the Scene names in the current preset and allows you to select the different scenes

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Thanks James.I just saw the new update and realized that the integration does not work with FM3. I think it should be easy to implement. Maybe just put the FM3 ID in the code?

Yes, it’s only working for AxeFX3 as the document I used stated that it’s only for the AxeFX3. I’m not sure if it will work for the FM3, but if you want to test it, can you drop us an email? I can hardcode the model number change and if it works, then i’ll add an option for the user to specify the model

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Thank you, James. I would like to test ,I sent an email to support .

Hi James, any plans to make the expression pedal continue to work in FM3 integration Mode?
Is this feasible?

ah yes, I think we overlooked that. It should be - will test it today

Thanks James.
The mode will be perfect if you can.

Just tested and it works fine - will post an updated firmware probably tomorrow or friday.

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OI James, the expression pedals were perfect.
I would like to suggest if it is possible that you can make the scenes blink when they are selected or that they have some kind of indication, this would make the system very consistent, as we would have the possibility to have the 8 scenes visualized along with the FM3 in a homogeneous way.

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Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, that would be ideal - but I think that will only happen in the next update

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Thanks James, I’m sure these updates will be a game changer for FM3 owners.

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I’ve updated to 3.9.1 and I can’t get the AxeFx Preset/Scenes integration or the tuner to work with my FM3.

I can confirm that MIDI is working in both directions. Pressing an MC6 switch with the “AxeFX Tuner” message simply engages the FM3 tuner, and the MC6 just says “Waiting for tuner…” and exiting that page turns off the tuner on the FM3. That might be a limitation on the FM3.

I would like to get the Presets/Scenes integration working. It might be user error on my end, but if it’s a bug and there’s any data I can provide, I’d be happy to help.

We don’t have the FM3 but we do have users who have used it successfully on with the FM3.

Can you confirm if these steps are followed:

I’m guessing the settings should be the same for the FM3 as with the AxeFX3.

I have an FM3 and it’s working. Put the midi thru off on the MC6 as well, in addition to the procedures described here:
I’m not sure but I think you might have to map the tuner on Fm3 to cc15.

Yep turns out it was user error. The MIDI cable from the FM3 out to MC6 in was slightly unseated, and I thought I had tested comms in that direction but apparently hadn’t.

Glad it works. It’s super cool!

Is there anyway to show more than the first 5 scenes on an MC6? I can’t see how to page while on an AxeFX integration screen. I tried an aux switch to see if it could access the missing 3 scenes, but no luck. I assume for FM3 presets, I’d just create an MC6 preset switch per each set of 5 FM3 presets I want to access.