Axe FX II XL integration

Anyone know or anyone that has gotten the Fractal integration on the MC8 to work with and Axe FX II XL. I have gotten the tuner integration to work but nothing else? Anyone have any tips or ideas?

Fractal published a document for intergrating third party devices:

But this is only for the AxeFX III and FM3/9. I don’t think the AxeFX2 has any third party integration capabilities.

I recall that there are/were other third party manufacturers that indeed did have integration with the Axe-Fx2 (one were called Rac12 if I recall correct).
I’m guessing that this wiki might be of help in that regard?

@KalmarRocks Can you perhaps share how you’ve integrated the tuner with the Axe FX II? I can engage the tuner, and get tuner data on screen, but upon exit the MC8 doesn’t disengage the tuner on the Axe FX itself. Would be great if you could share your solution! Thanks in advance!

Found it! I integrated the Axe FX tuner with my AFX II XL+ using the AFX3 tuner message option, then setting it up to send the command to both the MC8 and Axe FX MIDI channel (so two messages programmed for that action).

Just to add, when the tuner function is engaged, the MC sends a CC#15 127 message to engage the tuner. When it exits, it sends a CC#15 0 message to disengage the tuner. This CC#15 message is the default value set up to trigger the tuner function in the AxeFX3. If you have mapped this function to another CC number then you’ll need to map it back to CC#15.