[Available now] Setlist Manager

Still work in progress (I want to add more bells and whistles like drag and drop to rearrange the banks and presets) but hoping to be able to push a first cut to staging soon.

The goal of this is to allow users to create data files offline to load into the controller at a later time, or edit existing data dump files.

Blank state

After loading a data dump file

Editing presets

Editing bank settings

**EDIT: We’ve decided to call it Setlist Manager, not Offline Editor


Oh, yes please!!! That will be fantastic…. I’ll test drive that for you no worries thank you please?!

I tell you what would be a KILLER feature - some way to see all user entered (Editor) text for the bank in one pop out grid screen (eg excel style ordered by preset then message), changes saves when you tab/click away from current cell.

I use Editor text a lot, and repetition across presets involves either lengthy copy paste in the fit or or hacking the json.

The starway to Morningstar Cloud of presets…

Just pushed it to staging, under a different page and calling it “Offline Editor” for now…

That would be next level, and then some.

I think the complex part would be how to present the stored values as user-readable values and then the problem of users editing and then converting those back to the stored values in a spreadsheet format

Personnaly not very interested in spreadsheet format (grid in fact, and too much in my life :wink: I think that last generations get obsessed by this grid concept and are formatting their mind to comply with it :wink: :wink: ), but let’s see what is on.

Feature demo


Already looking great! I like the idea, it’s a very easy way of swapping this way and having an overview of the full controller. Quite similar to how the msgs work.

Maybe a fixed block alignment (or block width) could make it less messy? However, I like the tiny ones for unused presets.

Probably not the highest priority at the moment, but on my mobile (Chrome, Safari, Web midi browser) it is not possible to drag and drop (that als counts for the msgs within the preset popup). It starts to scroll the browser and even risking reloading the browser when you’re on top.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into improving the UI over time. Agree that a fixed width for the preset buttons will look neater.

I’ve not tested this on mobile yet - but is it possible to load and save the files in mobile? Are you using iOS or Android?

iOS. With Safari I managed to load, change and save the file, but with Chrome (iOS) saving is not possible. With Web Midi it is not possible to load.

I’ve been wondering - now that backups are in JSON format, presumably it sold be possible to hand edit a file and import it for doing repetitive tasks.

I have not turned with JSON much so i have no idea how painful that would be.

But it morningstar came up with some json editing advice/helper tech maybe that would be sufficient to help us do stuff like that?

Its possible to edit via a text editor, to a certain extent. The data stored for the messages are not verbose, so you’re not going to see something like

messageType: "Program Change",
value: 5

Its just, for example

messageType: 1,
data1: 5

so the values will not make any sense.

If you just want to change the names etc then it should be relatively obvious with the labels

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It’s do-able to edit the JSON to a degree. e.g. VSCode (free) will let you open a large JSON, navigate it, cut/copy/paste, find and replace stuff etc. If you’re handy with RegEx you can in theory make bulk repetitive changes fairly easily.

Whilst of course there’s logic to the values you’d need to spend some time “reverse engineering” what some of them mean. But it’s easy enough to (for example) highlight all messages within a given preset and do a simple F&R to change something like MIDI channel.

These conventions apply where a Letter (e.g. Preset) or a Number (e.g. Bank number, message number within a Preset) from the MC is referenced in the JSON…

MC Letter (e.g. Preset) Json value
A 0
B 1
C 2
etc etc
T 19
U 20
V 21
MC Number (e.g. Msg) Json value
1 0
2 1
3 2
etc etc
14 15
15 16
16 17
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Added some new features:

Drag and drop to load bank files
Jan-11-2022 14-29-07

Saving your data to individual bank json files:

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Very very nice but please add an internal number, one attached to each device as a seial or something else from hardware, after MC6MKII or MC8.
And if you could do it for USB port name it would be perfect.
I asked Doremidi to do last point for their equipment and it took one day, but it may be more complex on MCxx ?

By USB port name, you mean when you connect the device, it shows the name that you input in your device manager?

Is the purpose of this for using multiple devices in the editor without having to load different settings?

Yes so that when connected to a host USB, which could be a computer but also an Iconnectivity or BomeBox, the host can display for example MC8-275899 and MC8-377444 . So when you connect several MC8 you can differentiate them.
The number could be a fixed one you extract from each hardware.
I know that I suggested we could input it in global controller settings if it is impossible to extract a fixed unique number from each hardware. But the value extracted for hardwaare would limit the errors due to bad input.

Not the main intention, it is mainly the one I explained before.
I know that there is a problem managing 2 MCxx in same session of editor, but this is not a mandatory request, we can continue connect and disconnect and transfer bank backup files :frowning:

EDIT : I just realized that the MC8 USB port names are already built with a fixed number.
Sorry for not being uptodate on this, so remove the part of my request concerning USB names.
But couldn’t you use the same number you use to differentiate the usb port name, to differentiate the files names you create. Take the USB port name to prefix each file name rather than simply the device model ?

Setlist Manager is BRILLIANT. I can edit my MC on my sofa and then upload later!! Great work. Some feedback…

Tools pop-up display sub-optimal when clicked at the top of the scroll bar’s range:

Tooltip text on Cancel and Save Preset could do with a look. Cancel is…

…and Save Preset currently states “Save Preset settings to the device” - suggest changing “device” to “editor” for clarity.

Backup files created by MC are named like:

Backup files created by Setlist Manager are named like:
…not sure if that difference is intentional?

I didn’t realise this was a thing - massive time saver alert!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Brilliant work @james!

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Thanks for the feedback!



Not intentional - just an oversight. Will change this.

On a similar topic, I think it’ll start to get confusing with so many JSON files lying around. We might change the file extension to something unique so you’ll know what file is for what
i.e. .pst for the Preset Settings .bnk for Bank data, .ctr for Controller data.

Will deploy the changes later today.

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We do have a unique ID for each hardware, although rather long. But I don’t think it’s possible to translate that to a low-level ID such that it appears in the USB drivers. But yes, we are planning to do something with this - like a cloud integration without having to register and login. Although the main issue is that everything will be tied to the specific controller you are using.

Yes, only way is to transfer backup files now. Maybe we can do a file drag and drop for this also so you dont have to click through the file dialog box to find your file