Aux switches that are confirmed to work?

Are there any resources covering which commercially available footswitches are confirmed to work properly with Morningstar controllers? And documenting their quirks?

I ask because there are lots of cheap footswitches out there that look like they could possibly work, but where it’s hard to tell what might actually happen. Things like the Laney FS2 Mini look to be a nice, cheap, small aux switch and as far as I can tell it should work since it’s a TRS footswitch, so it surely can’t do anything too weird, can it? But does it need power? Do the polarities work? What about the LEDs?

I was quite tempted by a Boss FS-7 (it’s replacing an expression pedal on my board, so the vertical layout is perfect) but just two seconds looking at this forum shows me that people have problems with that line of switches, and while there is a little bit of documentation it’s not actually all that clear if the FS-6 and FS-7 are working properly or not. People seem to be doing well with the EHX triple switch, so that would maybe be a safer choice, but it would be nice to have switches with a different foot-feel since the auxes will be triggering a sampler, instead of adjusting a mixer.

So - Are there any resources out there covering these things? And if not, how can I tell what stuff will work and what will not beyond checking that it uses TRS?


The EHX is good. I use it for “not playing” stuff like bank changes and tap tempo. If you can determine the wiring of a switch (not always possible on the internet of course!) you can compare to

I’m using GFI triple switch and it works prefectly.

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I can make pretty much anything you’d like as well! The wiring is a bit special for Morningstar, but most 3-button aux-switches are unique-ish by brands. Some use Diodes, some use Resistors, to get 3 switches into the TRS config.

The main photo here is one of them currently on my board:

The kickswitch is also on my board infront of my MC8:

And I haven’t taken photos/setup the product yet, but sneak peek at a MC8-design-based switch. Faceplate is reversable so it can go on either side, switches are spaced exactly apart as the MC8 distances for top/bottom, and its 99% same height/angle as the MC8 so it looks stock; velcro throws it slightly off since theres no unified size for that. Arrows optional, this just will be setup for bank scrolling + page flipping:


Adding these to the list

LokFy Dual Switch Pedal

Rock Stock Dual Footswitch Pedal

Quality is a little better on the Rock Stock but the switches are a little smaller than standard and I have switch toppers I like to use so I went with the LokFy.

NOTE: These don’t work by setting the Omniports on the MC6pro to Aux. They will only work if I set them to “Fixed Switch Custom” and then set the desired action for Tip and Ring. Not sure if that is a bug or if it is inherent to how these footswitches are wired; although I did check with Rock Stock and they said their footswitch matched the schematic provided by Morningstar, so not really sure what is happening there. But in any case setting it to Fixed Switch Custom works perfectly fine.

Anybody tried the ‘AIRSTEP LITE’ footswitch box?

Same here… GFI triple switch.