AUX switch changes the game!

Just added a 3 button AUX switch to my MC8 and it’s really changed the game for me. Having this little external satellite switch that jumps to:

  • Home Bank
  • Page Toggle
  • Bypass All

in any bank (as programmed) really opens things up. Previously, I had these in certain spots but it really gobbled up so many of my banks and I went MC8 so I could have access to lots of banks. Highly recommend the move to the AUX switch for your must have 3 switches…however you use it, more switches = better!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

also, for the budget minded, I gave a shot and works like a charm, build looks great and I switches are soft and respond perfectly with the MC8.


I have an MC6 so that might actually be really cool. I was going to use my little 3 button aux switch with my JamMan, but maybe I’ll add a stereo cable and I can control the MC6 with it as well. How did you program the MC8 and could you copy and share the command with me?

There is no magic. You just go to controller settings and set the omni ports to the 3 button switch. From there, I went to each bank and programmed the 3 banks. I think they are Q, R, S or something like that (don’t have my unit in front of me to check). It’s such a game changer to have the satellite switches.

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