Automatically update preset/bank messages when changing preset/bank order?

I have several bank and preset messages on the MC6 that refer to other MC6 banks and presets, such as Preset A in Bank 1 engaging Preset B in Bank 2. If I change the order of presets or banks, those references remain unchanged, meaning that those messages will now refer to the wrong preset or bank. Each reference must be manually updated to reflect the new preset/bank ordering. Can this updating be done automatically when reordering presets or banks?

Welcome! So you’ve stored some presets in some banks, and you’re calling / engaging them using ‘Engage Preset’ messages, I assume? Never tried it but maybe the update function in Editor can do it?……951910401.html

Search for “Global Message Parameter Update”

Take a full backup of all Banks before trying it though!

Thanks I’ll check that out.

Sorry, bad link. Something to do with pasting from safari in iOS somehow?! Anyway, it’s the Editor Manual that explains the function.