Audible pop when engaging a pedal

I just upgraded from an ML5 to an ML10X. One pedal is producing an audible pop when the ML10X loop it is attached to is engaged. The ML5 has a configuration feature that mutes the loop for a few milliseconds after it is engaged to silence the pop. Does the ML10X have this feature? If not, is there another way to reduce the pop sound?

Can anyone help with this?

There isn’t such a feature.

Does engaging a specific loop cause this? If so, what pedal is connected to that loop?
Also, are you switching while playing or switching while the signal is silent? If switching while audio is going through, there may be a pop because of the voltage differences when switching.

Yes, it is a specific loop. The pedal is an FEA Laps Optifet, Opti-FET Compressor – FEA Labs. Yes, I am switching while playing. I am a bass player, so this is sort of normal for me. :slight_smile:

A DC Filter might help.

I tried an inline 1:1 transformer in my possession. That did not help. Good thought though.