Audible Clicking Noise

Hi all, I have had my MC6 for about 5 years now. I’m very familiar with it. I redid my pedal board this week and added an expression pedal (Mission EP-1). I am now noticing and audible “Clicking noise” whenever I adjust the midi perimeters of the expression controller. Additionally I notice it when I hit the MC6 foot switches. Any advice on power, cabling or anything else to get ride of this would be helpful. Thanks all.

I think first step would be to identify which device is introducing the noise. The MC6 just sends MIDI signals out and does not interfere with the audio signal. By the standards, the MIDI connection should have been completely isolated in the receiving device. What you’re hearing would be the device leaking the incoming MIDI messages into the audio signal.

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Hi James, first time posting and love my MC3 so far!

I am having a similar issue. I have my MC3 connected from the 8th inch TRS out ports 1 and 2 to my Meris Mercury 7 and Ottobit Jr.

When I hit a foot switch on the controller, I definitely hear an audible clicking sound through my guitar amp.

Also, when I add my Mission EP-25k expression pedal, I can hear a ticking / clicking / zipper like sound when I sweep the range of the pedal at the speed I’m sweeping. This happens while it is successfully controlling the pedal parameters as intended. If the Mercury 7 is on, the clicking noise will actually create reverberations from the pedal’s intended effect.

The clicking noise happens even when the pedals are bypassed, and it does this with both of the Meris pedals, ie when either one of them is configured to be controlled by the expression pedal.

Appreciate any advice on trouble shooting. Happy to chat by phone or email if easier, or to send video / audio. Thank you!!

The clicking noise you hear is the MIDI signal leaking into the audio signal. There’s nothing to be done on the MC3, as it shouldn’t happen if the MIDI Signals are isolated from the receiving device, according to the MIDI standard. Not sure if it will help but you can try breaking the ground connection on the cable (if possible) and see if it helps.

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Got it, thank you James! Yes unplugging one of the eighth inch ports resolves both issues when I use the foot switches and/or exp pedal with the still-connected Meris pedal, so I’m assuming it’s a ground loop as you said.

For other users who happen to come across this, my next step is going to be to get a Meris I/O box for the proper isolation. With my rig, connecting eighth inch ports 1 and 2 directly to the Mercury 7 and Ottobit Jr (using eight to quarter inch TRS converters of course) is not the way to go. However, this method for one pedal worked perfectly.

Do let us know if the Meris I/O box helps with this situation. Meris receives MIDI on the Tip and sends MIDI on the Ring, hence I’m not sure if their MIDI implementation has isolation from the device it is connected to, which is what might be causing the clicking noise if there’s a ground loop. This is what I’m guessing and not entirely sure.

I have 3 Meris pedals hooked up through the I/O box and do not have any issues with ground loops.

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Confirming going through the Meris MIDI I/O box eliminated the noise. Feel free to ping me direct for any more info!

Thanks for the update!

There was another user who emailed regarding clicking noise as well (not related to the MIDI OUT ports on the controller). He was using 2 MIDI boxes (from Meris or Disaster I think) and was experiencing the noise.

He managed to solve the issue by connecting his 2 stereo pedals to different MIDI boxes (so both stereo pedals don’t use the same MIDI box).

Just sharing it here in case it helps anyone.

I connected my new Alexander Waveform today. Got the same issue. Do you think a DC filter can remove the noise?
I found this:
Would be much cheaper than the meris box.