Assigning Pedals to Midi Channels in Editor

Hello - How do I know which channels my pedals are set to? Does the way they are connected to my MC8 define the order?

I can’t seem find a way to check this, I just see the ability to name midi channels in the editor - but how do I know I’m naming the correct one?

Apologies in advance for the novice question!

The midi channels of your pedals are independend of the signal chain and can usually be set by yourself. You’ll have to read through the manuals of your pedals to figure out how to set them up.
Also check this:

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Awesome, thanks for confirming. Didn’t realize the channel the pedal is set to, needs to be configured in the pedal, sometimes in an archaic way.

For those who find this thread in the future, here are some links that helped with my CBA and Meris pedals:

Thanks again GuitarWolf!