Assigning multiple expression commands on the fly

I mainly use my MC6 in a home studio, and I have tried to optimize it for that use case (as opposed to optimizing it for live gigging). My goal in setting the MC6 up was to be able to create novel sounds as quickly as possible. To that end, I created a somewhat unorthodox system for navigating my MC6. It works pretty well for me, so I wanted to share it. I also have a question about whether I can use my MC6 to assign multiple CC commands to my expression pedal on the fly.

My setup is centered around a homepage (pictured below). Each preset on the homepage bears the name of one of my midi-controllable pedals, and I have an aux-switch set up to return to the homepage with a single button press no matter which bank I am in. For example, Preset A corresponds to the Timeline:

If I short-press the “Timeline” preset once, my MC6 will jump to bank 23, where I have a number of Timeline-specific presets saved. I can bank up from there to access more Timeline-specific sounds in banks 24, 25, or 26. Once I have found the delay sound I want, I can press the “homepage” button on the aux switch to return to my homepage (for reasons beyond the scope of this post, I have chosen Bank 17 as my homepage or “home bank”). I can then repeat this process with the Chase Bliss Brothers, Strymon Mobius, or Source Audio Ventris to add some dirt, modulation, or reverb, respectively.

In this way, I can quickly create a new sound from the ground up. I can also save it as a “complete” sound anywhere in Banks 1-16. I conceive of “complete sounds” as finished products. Whereas the presets linked to the homepage are generally single-pedal sounds (e.g. Timeline-specific presets that affect only the Timeline), presets saved in Banks 1-16 generally affect multiple pedals. Whereas the former are useful for quickly building sounds from the ground up, the latter are useful for gigging.

Alternatively, I can use the homepage to quickly assign any cc value to my expression pedal. For example, if I long-press the “Timeline” preset, the MC6 will jump to bank 27, where I have a number of Timeline-specific “select expression message” presets saved. Each preset in bank 27 corresponds to one of the Timeline’s parameters that can be controlled via a CC message. Preset A in bank 27, for example, is entitled “Mix.” If I press the “Mix” preset on my MC6, it will send a “select expression message” command that assigns my expression pedal to the Timeline’s “mix” parameter. I have all of the parameters that can be controlled for each of my midi-capable pedals saved in this way, allowing me to quickly control any parameter I want using my expression pedal. All of this can be done on the fly.

(As a matter of fact, I previously used my Boss ES-8 to handle the expression pedal programming described above. I have not actually done this on my MC6 yet due to the MK1’s limited storage space, but I plan to purchase a MC6 Pro or MC8 Pro soon, at which point I will actually implement the expression system described above).

Is there any way I can use this system (or a system similar to it) to assign multiple parameters to my expression pedal at the same time? I believe this could be accomplished if multiple presets could be “active” at the same time on the MC6.

For example, let’s say I want to assign my expression pedal to control both the Mix parameter on the Timeline and the Pre-Delay parameter on the Ventris at the same time. I know I can do this using the “select expression” command as described here. I also know that I could accomplish this by programming a separate preset for each conceivable combination of parameters on all of my midi-controllable pedals, but with six midi-controllable pedals on my board, this would require an astronomical number of presets dedicated to expression pedal programming (not to mention several days’ worth of labor, just to do the programming).

What I am wondering is whether it is possible to select multiple expression messages on the fly without first programming every conceivable combination of expression messages into my MC6. I believe this would require either (a) the ability to have multiple presets “engaged” at the same time, or (b) some sort of “AND” command that would enable me send one “select expression” message, then tell the MC6 that I want the next “select expression” message to be added to the first (as opposed to replacing it).

If anyone has any ideas on how this might be done, please let me know!

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