Assign the same swtich in toggle configuration to control two different blocks of a multieffect (Fractal Fm3)

Hello greetings to all, I would like to know if it is possible to have the same Swtich for example in A, two Press Toggle configurations.

To have the possibility to turn on and off two different effects. Suppose I want to configure the swtich A of my mc6 so that I can turn on and off a block of my fractal Fm3 so far everything normal, but I would like in the same switch A to be able to turn on and off another different block.

I have in the switch A configured as PRESS in position 1 CC# 1 value 0 and in position 2 CC# 2 value 127 with the toggle option activated.

And somehow put another message so that you can access another similar configuration in the same swtich for example: in position 1 CC# 2 value 0 and in position 2 CC# 2 value 127.

It occurs to me that the second block could be configured as double tap???