Assign onmiports per bank is possible?

Is it possible to assign onmiports per bank? I would like to assign a dual footswitch for the page change, without having to use the presets and thus have available the 6 presets of the 4 pages that the bank has. But I would only like to have it assigned this way in certain banks and not in all of them.

Hi… would setting your switch to Fixed Switch Custom and assigning the required functions to each switch work, maybe? That would hopefully save using a preset.

Use the “Fixed switch custom” setting and then you can assign the functions to each switch.

But there isn’t this feature yet. We had a request to add a message type to change the aux switch functions by executing a preset.

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And this could be adjusted so that the message is sent when entering the bank?

Yes, it we implement that feature then it’ll be as a message type and yes, you will be able to use it as a bank event