Assign footswitch to change Exp function

I have an MC8, a Dunlop Volume Mini as an expression pedal and a Hotone Ampero II Stomp.

In one of my Hotone presets, I have a delay and reverb. Can I assign a footswitch on the MC8 to toggle the expression pedal between controlling Mix levels of the delay and reverb?

I’m not in front of my computer atm, so forgive me if I use some incorrect terms.

In the Exp1 or 2 preset, you can set all of the expression messages you want to use for that expression pedal.

Then, in your presets, use the ‘Select Expression Message’ (I think that’s the name) action, to use just that message, while that preset is active. You could create a preset to toggle between two expression messages.

Hope that’s helpful!

Select Expression is the way to do it, with Position 1 and 2 being set to the expression message you want to trigger