Argh! Cannot Get Ableton to Recognize Remote Keyboard Shortcuts via MC6

I had this dialed in with an MC8. Now I’m using an MC6 (or trying) only to control the keyboard shortcuts in Ableton Live 12. I have followed the directions to add the text file in the preferences of the Ableton Live 12 folder, selected MC6 MK II in Ableton and “remote.” As I recall, that’s it!

Here’s a shot of my simple preset. I’ve tried without toggle–simple “start” but nothing. I’m also “transmitting” on midi channel 1, but this isn’t “midi.” It’s suppose to be a keyboard emulator command. Does anyone have any experience with this? What am I missing. Just because I’ve done it before (my 4th MS controller) doesn’t mean I can’t miss something.



Yes, the keystroke commands does not have anything to do with the MIDI settings. It simply emulates a computer keyboard.

You can use this to check exactly what keys are being sent:

If it does not work, just verify that you are not using the no_keyboard firmware version which disables the USB keyboard interface. The firmware version will end with A i.e. v3.12.9A

Doh!!! I, of course, chose the last firmware update on the list. Problem solved. Thank you!!!