Apply All feature

Is there a fast way to copy paste apply all to each bank?

For example

I want Bank 1 - 15 preset A to launch ableton sequence 1

No paste all function in the way you describe but some options:

  1. Until you copy something else, whatever you copied stays in the copy buffer. So copy what you need, visit each bank, paste and save.

  2. Set up your recurring message in User Library and copy from there.

  3. If you’ve yet to program anything in any bank yet, set up the first bank with all the stuff you want in every other bank and copy/paste the whole bank

Awesome! How do copy paste the entire bank?

Thant would save lots of time.

Just go to Bank Settings page and copy, paste etc are in there (this is from memory though!)

It works. Thanks i was able to set it up.

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I thought you were supposed to be able to triple click to paste a preset to all banks at that preset location, but that has never worked for me.