Anyone using MC8 with Boss RC 600?

Go to description of this video and download the side by side list parameters that can be programmed on modes footswitches (9x3=27), Ctl x4 external switches/exp, and Assigns (internal switches, Ctl switches OR midi).

RC 600: The Lists-What you can & can’t do

Also check out JohnPaulMusic and others. Ask something specific and I’ll try to help. I use MC8 with the RC-600

You seem to be the most knowledgeable about Midi and the Boss RC 600.
I’m fairly new to midi but…i have set up an expression pedal to control the volume of track 1. However, I’d like to be able to assign the expression pedal to a button press. And say, have separate control over all 6 of the tracks but with still using the one expression pedal.

Hope you can help!


Oh my, no, far from.

  1. Sounds like what I"ve done with my BeatBuddy. Press once: volume 0%, Press again: volume 50% (Using expression value 1-127). Is that the kind of thing you want to do? You can also do Scroll (steps) the MC8. 0%, 10%, 20%, etc. Other people here know better than I how to have that reset that count (I haven’t needed it yet, so have not figured it out).
  2. “Separate control over all 6 of the tracks.”
    a. Loop Volume on expression or button expression value (0-127) can control all 6 at once. Separate requires one Assign on the RC-600 for selecting the track and one for expression, but could be set up on the same button.

Please explain exactly what you want to do and I’ll make a short video showing you how. Regardless, why not use an expression pedal?

Hey there Angus,
thanks for the reply and sorry I missed it. I would like to do option 2 from your last response. It seems to me as though it should be a simple- just one msg. However, I can’t get it working. I’ve watched the morning star video on expression pedal control and had no further progress. Perhaps I need to change some of the parameters for the assign…? Anyways, a video would be fantastic.


Hi @Vinylsoul65 how did you set the memory up and down on the Morningstar?