Anyone using MC8 with Boss RC 600?

Hi, Anyone here pairing RC 600 with MC8? ( or MC 6 ). While RC600 seems very powerful and programmable, I am finding it tough to navigate. I don’t see anything in the MIDI dictionary too. Hope to see something there soon. I had considered going to Beat Buddy + Aeros combination before this and later changed mind to RC600 + MC8 considering all the possibilities here. While I plough away with manuals and trial/error, it’d be nice to hear what others are doing with this pair.


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  1. Currently using ‘ASSIGNS’ to set a CC message for available functions and then using MC8 to send that CC message. Some commands like ‘memory write’ seems to be not available to assign.
  2. Above method worked for assigning a preset key for Rhythm start and Stop, Drum pattern variation changes.
  3. When I send out a BPM ( say 80 ), somehow RC 600 reads it a 79.9 not sure why it is going into fractions.
  4. Wrote to Boss asking for MIDI details, they replied to me saying they will support only US customers, I should contact local dealer ( I will try that, but I guess they only sell things, not define MIDI spec, so … thanks a lot Boss! )
  1. Sending PC message changes memory number ( active loop memory ) Sending 0 sets to memory 1, sending 1 sets to memory 2 and so on.

The display of 79.9 BPM shouldn’t be of any concern. MIDI Clock doesn’t actually convey BPM as a value; the BPM always has to be calculated from the clock pulses when a device wants to display BPM. It practically always results in fractions. Some devices might round up to a whole number, some may round down to a 1/10th (fractions are quite valid for BPM). Also, every electronics device (even of the same brand/model) has slight variations in timing, which effects these kinds of calculations. It’s why we use MIDI Clock in the first place. You can’t really say for certain that 79.9 BPM isn’t more precisely what the BPM being sent actually is, despite what the sending device says on its screen.

Good news is what gets displayed as BPM on either device doesn’t affect the actual sync that’s going on.


Thanks Joe_K for the explanation.

6. Boss support got back to me saying they don’t have any RC600 to test on. They will contact once they have a looper to try out. ( ! ) For now I am asked to look at some RC500 videos on YouTube.
7. I got the following working so far ( All using ASSIGN and using CC numbers set to CC1, CC2 etc on RC600)
→ Rhythm Start/Stop ( works )
→ sending BPM ( works )
→ Change drum pattern variation ( still fiddling. )
→ Set over dub mark ( or going back to ) in current track ( working )
→ Revert overdub state to set mark ( working )
→ Remove all overdubs and set track to first recording ( Works )

→ if you start the drums and after sometime try to start recording, the red LED just flashes and don’t read the input. looks like a bug. If you hit the track1 record before the first drum fill is completed, it records happily.
→ When I setup the ‘set mark’ cc command, it did not work first. When I just set the toggle/momentary option on and off ( default is already momentary, but I had to switch it to toggle and back ) once, it started working. There is no visual feedback when you set a mark. So have to find out by trying to undo the overdubs. A visual aid would have been nice. ( but realistically on that tiny tiny display, not much space )

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I just got the RC-600 yesterday and started trying the MC8 this morning. At first, I thought only 16 assigns is a bit limited. To my delight, the 16 midi assigns are per memory!!! …16 assigns x 99 presets. Whatever you want per memory for midi to do!

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Interesting. Is it easy to manage if you want to make a single change throughout all the presets?

There are settings for “system” (all) versus “memory” (per memory/patch/preset… whatever you wanna call it) for most things, but for the life of me I cannot find one for midi control. So, either I changed it somewhere and now I can’t find it or it is always per memory.

Good to see more news here!! From what I figured, the MIDI assignments are 16 and per memory as AngusM suggested. But I did not see easy way to, say, copy-paste one set of Assigns from one memory to anther or have system level MIDI CC assigns.

Also if you try to do assigns, I don’t see the target action such as ‘write memory’ in the target list .

Another point is the cc numbers from 30 to 60 ( if I remember it correctly ) is not available to use as source in ‘Assigns’ so it could be that they are corresponding to system functions? ( not written anywhere in document though )

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If it’s anything like the RC-500, the Assigns are not movable between memories - short of copying a whole blank memory to another destination. Years of using loopers and I’m really struggling to see how memory-level assigns are more useful than system wide midi settings. I was stoked to see double the amount of assigns but midi implementation is pushing this lifelong Boss looper user away

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I have templates (I’m still in the midst of creating) and then use them to save to a new memory for songs. MC8 has a song list and jumps banks per song. Most songs (when I was using Aeros or Quantiloop) use the same MC8 bank, so not sure how much I’ll use per memory midi, but maybe (Fx, two loops at once, etc.)

How do you copy a template to another memory location? ( Sorry I am really new to loopers )

I am totally new to looping. but I also feel per memory assigns are a bit too much to remember and keep track of. I’d want some common settings for ease of use without confusing myself.

Just the turn of a dial:
EDIT (here is a better video): Boss RC 600 Saving Memories & Settings - YouTube

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oh! yes makes sense. Thanks for the video! let me stupidly repeat here to make sure I got it. ( my looper is not handy at the moment to try )

  1. you setup whatever you want in, say, memory 10 and call it Template 1
  2. you want to copy this to, say, memory 1, then first got to Memory 10 ( aka, template ), and then start a ‘Write’ but when the Write option presents with ( default to same memory 10 ), move the memory location to the target ( memory 1 ) and write.
  3. Exit memory 10 ( aka, template ) without making any changes ( to keep template same )
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Nothing stupid on the MS forum, only Questions and Answers. :wink:

Exactly, then rename it to whatever you want, which is an extra step.

Boss has historically (and remains) poor at user-friendly GUI, but their really is nothing as powerful as the RC-600 right now. I disliked the Aeros (waaaay too limited) and considered the Headrush, but limited in different ways that don’t work for me. If Boss could improve their interface and/or apps, they win (I think they are trying (e.g., GX-100).


So Boss has released 1.10 firmware version. I just did update yesterday. I can say now that recording issue after Rhythm first starting is gone now. You can start the drums from MC8 and at any point press the RC track record footswitch to start recording. Earlier it used to reject ( not read anything from input ) if you did not initiate the recording within the first intro fill.
they have listed a bunch of other bug fixes. I do not know what they do. But I’d suggest to update to 1.10 as soon as possible.


Hello everyone! Newbie Midi guy trying to set up my MC6 with my new RC-600 and I am completely overwhelmed. Can anyone suggest a place to start (I did set the Memory up and down but now want to set Tap Temp and getting nowhere)? If there is a website that I can look at that please share the link. Needing a “Dummies” approach starting from step one :slight_smile:

Hi Fellow looper,

I was in the same boat a few months back. In fact I discarded MIDI as ‘unnecessary’ for a long time and made bad pedal investments.

  1. Start with the MIDI 101 video in MorningStar Youtube channel. this will give you a good overview of what can be done and how MIDI works
  2. watch video on MC6 controller and how to program it from the computer software. To understand how the programming part works.
  3. Watch the video from MorningStar on BeatBuddy MIDI integration. Even though it is unrelated, it will give you a lot of ideas
  4. Watch the video from MorningStar on Boss GT-1000 Core integration. This will give you some idea how the MIDI works with Boss pedals ( the idea of Assigns is same in RC600 )
    By now you will have a good idea what can be done. If you are interested, I can share what I have setup. Mind you, this is not much. I am a newbie myself.
    Hope this is some help.

Thank you SO much for this! I appreciate the order of the suggestions as well as I have been up and down the google /youtube hole as so many others have before me. Appreciate it!!!

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