Anyone using a MS controller with the RC-10r?

I’m trying to control the RC-10r and the RC-5 with the MC3 but really hitting the wall. I can get the 10 to start and stop and the 5 to start but not to stop. Other functions that are documented in the MS Editor Dictionary for the 10 don’t seem to work, like starting the second track on the 10, or doing things like Break or All Break. Looking for others to share experience or at least commiserate!

Not familiar with either but I use an RC-500 and my first hurdle was realizing you need to send both an on and off msg to trigger the RC-500. The RC-500 is programmable so say I have start/stop (or they call it All Stop) set to CC#1 then I need to program Preset A on the MC with 2 messages:
Press > CC#1 > Value 127
Press > CC#1 > Value 0
(Might need to swap those)
Some posters have said they need to add a delay between those 2 but I haven’t needed personally. Hope this may help. Boss is not always the best with explaining their midi implementation.

Thanks, I’ve seen that.