Anyone successfully control their Ultimate Guitar Tabs app with an MC6 mk2?

Title pretty much says it - trying to control my Tabs app using my MC6 and no luck getting it to work. I connect my MC6 to my iPad via usb and program it to send keystroke commands like up and down arrows to scroll through tabs. I can’t get the Tabs app to recognize the commands. I have successfully used the MC6 to control other apps on my iPad, so I feel it’s an issue somewhere in the software and not a connection problem.

I can’t find much info but possibly their app does not support keyboard commands. See this post (though quite outdated) here: Feature request iOS: keyboard support - Ultimate Guitar

It seems like you can use CC / Note messages instead to control the app though

Thanks, after some fiddling I have been able to get it to work by sending midi note messages and assigning them to functions in the app. I can’t get cc messages to work, but it won’t matter.