Anyone know any US dealers/sellers?

Hey all - I am in a bit of a bind where I have a gift card that was earmarked for an MC-6 pro, but sadly it is one of these Vanilla VISA cards that you can buy in CVS etc, and it’s only good for US purchases, so I can’t buy directly from the Morningstar shop. Anyone deal with this? Know anyone selling in the US, or a way around this? Apparently they have also shut off the ability to use these gift cards with Paypal, and I’ve Googled quite a bit trying to find a solution.



We’re about to re-stock Vintage King in the USA so you can check with them

Thank you James! For others reading, I hope you default to buying through Morningstar, because the product and the support deserve every penny.

But… if you’re stuck with a US-only gift card, as I was, I am happy to report buying through Vintage King is a viable option. 3-5 week wait tho….


Got it - no more wait! very excited - thanks James!